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Copper IUDs prevent pregnancy for up to 12 years. Hormonal IUDs prevent pregnancy for 3 to 7 years. Any IUD can be removed whenever the woman wants. After the IUD is removed, a woman can become pregnant right away. If she does not want to become pregnant, she should use another family planning method.

To remove an IUD:
  1. Wash your hands, put on sterilized gloves, and do a bimanual exam to feel the womb and to be sure that the woman is not pregnant. Put in a speculum.
  2. Use a long swab or a ring forceps and sterile gauze dipped into antiseptic to clean the cervix.
  3. MW Ch21 Page 399-3.png
  4. Clamp a pair of forceps or needle holders to the string.
  5. Pull strongly and steadily on the string. The IUD should come out. If you see the plastic end of the IUD, grasp it with the forceps and pull. If you feel a lot of resistance, stop! You could break the string off. Let someone more experienced finish
    taking out the IUD.

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