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Only with the collaboration of hundreds of advisors, reviewers, writers, artists, and others was it possible to create this book.

Every staff member, intern, and volunteer here at Hesperian Health Guides helped bring this book into the world, including those who raise funds, manage finances, publicize our books, and pack and ship them around the world. Outside our office, dozens of reviewers helped decide what this book should cover and how to do it. Groups of midwives and midwifery students in 10 countries critiqued early versions to make it as useful, appropriate, and accurate as possible. Midwives, doctors, and other health workers, trainers, and specialists volunteered their time to ensure the accuracy and clarity of the material here.

Along with our tireless medical editors, we called on a few reviewers over and over again, and they deserve special mention here. Thank you Deborah Billings, Lisa de Avila, Ruth Kennedy, and Karen Strange.

The following organizations contributed time, resources, and critical thinking: Averting Maternal Death and Disability (AMDD) in the US; ASECSA in Guatemala; The Bangladesh Women’s Health Coalition; The Berkeley Midwives Study Group in the US; El Centro Para los Adolescente de San Miguel de Allende (CASA) in Mexico; Centre For Rural Studies and Development in India; El Centro de Atención Integral de la Pareja in Mexico; The International Confederation of Midwives; The Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines; Inuulitsivak Maternity Center in Canada; Ipas in the US, Ghana, and Kenya; Ixmucane and Midwives for Midwives in Guatamala; Jamkhed Comprehensive Rural Health Program in India; Kampot Hospital Maternity Center in Cambodia; the Maryknoll Sisters and the VEMA training center of Tanzania; Pathfinder in Peru; and the Reproductive Health Research Unit at the University of the Witwatersrand, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in South Africa.

Thanks to the following publishers who gave us permission to use drawings: Family Care International, from Healthy Women, Healthy Mothers; Freedom From Hunger; and Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific, from Breaking the Silence! Plantations and Pesticides.

Our deep gratitude goes to everyone who gave their time, thoughts, and knowledge so generously, both to the original edition of A Book for Midwives and to this revision. Your commitment to health for all is what brought this book into the world. Thank you:

Hilary Abell
Deel Afroze
Arthur Ammann
Jana Anderson
Susan Anderson
Shoba Arole
Leonor Bahena Erazo
Alison Bastien
Naomi Baumslag
Denise Bergez
Erik Bergstrom
Alan Berkman
Ginger Bhakti
Deborah Bickel
Judith Bishop
Lisa Bohmer
Bill Bower
Jenny Bowers
Kate Bowland
Isabel Brabant
Barbara Briggs-Letson
Sandy Buffington
Colin Bullough
Raquel Burgos Medina
August Burns
Pauline Butcher
Sarah Buttrey
Ana María Camarillo
Kristen Cashmore
Teresa Cerezo Gonzalez
Rebecca Chalker
Barbara Clifford
Davida Coady
Rani Coelho
Timothy Coen
Jeff Conant
Peggy Cook
Maureen Corbett
Antonia Cordova Morales
Maricruz Coronado
Jennie Corr
Kyle Craven
Jane Crawley

Alice de la Gente
Maria de la Paz Puebla Alvear
Barbara de Souza
David de Leeuw
Kim Dickson-Tetteh
Milka Dinev
France Donnay
Peg Donovan
Carol Downer-Chatham
Jane Drake
J.T. Dunn
Edith Eddy
Sylvia Estrada-Claudio
Aryn Faur
Susan Fawcus
Juliet Fleischl
Nina Frankel
Carmen Frazier
Frances Ganges
Tracy Gary
Marlene Gerber-Fried
Julie Gerk
Zafarullah Gill
Ruth Goehle
Lisa Gonzalves
Nadine Goodman
Suzan Goodman
Kristen Graser
James Green
Sadja Greenwood
Cindy Haag
Barb Hammes
Marcia Hansen
Roxanne Henderson
Griselda Hernandez
Kathy Herschderfer
Sarah Jane Holcombe
Diana Hoover
Nap Hosang
Jennifer Houston
Mary Clare Hubert
Kathleen Huggins
Pamela Hunt
Robert Hurst

Peter Ivey
Nuriya Janss
Christine Johnson
Mary Johnson
Ralph Johnson
John Kadyk
Angela Kamara
Robert Keast
Christie Keith
Beverly Kerr
Mary Kroeger
Raven Lang
B.A. Laris
Brian Linde
Julie Litwin
David Loeb
Roxane Lovell
Ronnie Lovich
Deborah Maine
Lorraine Mann
Alan Margolis
Margaret Marshall
Alberto Martinez Polis
Luyanda Mavuya
Nicky May
Junice Melgar
Jose Luis Mendoza
Elena Metcalf
Laura Miranda
Iris Moore
Syema Muzaffar
Papa Djibril Niang
Sandy Niemann
Besem Obenson
Deborah Ottenheimer
Lauri Paolinetti
Bill Parer
Juana Payva
Nimal Perera
Lucille Pilling de Lucena
Man Poon
Jennifer Potts
Paula Quigley
Sumana Reddy

Mary Ann Reiger
Marina Rodriguez Palma
Judith Rogers
Lorraine Rothman
Sabala and Kranti
Shelly Sala
Graciela Salvador-Davila
Jason Sanders
Shira Saperstein
Merrie Schaller
Katherine Sear
John Sellors
Katharine Shapiro
Lonny Shavelson
Theresa Shaver
Mira Shiva
C. Sienkiewicz
Jael Silliman
Irene Sotelo Alvarez
Jennifer Stonier
Susan Sykes
Michael Tan
Vijayalaxmi Taskar
Joe Taylor
Petra ten Hoope-Bender
Carol Thuman
Linda Tietjen
Jan Tritten
Greg Troll
Mina Tulugak
Laura Turiano
Gilberte Vansintejan
Elmar Vinh-Thomas
Donna Vivio
Claire Von Mollendorf
David Werner
Sharon Wilconson
Judith Winkler
Merrill Wolf
Juliana Yartley
Karen Zack
Lisa Ziebel

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Additionally, the incredible patience and support of our families and friends during the long process of producing this book allowed us to see the project through.

Finally, thank you so much to the individuals and foundations who financially supported this project: Allan S. Gordon Foundation; Anna Lalor Burdick Program of the Lalor Foundation, Inc.; Averting Maternal Death and Disability Program, Heilbrunn Center, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University; Compton Foundation, Inc.; Conservation, Food and Health Foundation, Inc.; David and Lucile Packard Foundation; Dorothy and Jonathan Rintels Charitable Foundation; Erik E. and Edith H. Bergstrom Foundation; Ford Foundation; International Confederation of Midwives; Jadetree Foundation; Jeanne Kemp; Salt-Bush Fund of the Tides Foundation; Ruth Sherer; and the United Nations Population Fund.

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